Meru District Council - HISTORY

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Meru district Council was established under Government gazette No. 353 of 2007, following the government decision to split Arumeru district and introduce two Councils Meru and Arusha. Meru District Council started to functions as an independent council from fiscal year 2007/2008.

District executive Director Meru District Council is Mr. R.B Mbunda. Administrative purposes, Meru District Council has a normal structure which extends to all levels, the Council, the ward, the village and sub village level which is the uniform structure according to the legislation. The district is divided into 3 Divisions, 17 Wards, 71 Villages and 281 Sub villages. The following are the wards of Meru disrtrict council;

1. Poli

2. Nkoaranga 

3. Usa River

4. Ongoro

5. Nkoanrua 

6. Akheri

7. Nkoarisambu

8. Seela Sing’isi

9. Makiba 

10. Mbuguni

11. Maroroni

12. Kikwe

13. Leguruki

14. Kikatiti

15 Maji ya Chai

16 Ngarenanyuki

17. King’or

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