Agriculture - Investment Opportunities in agriculture sector

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Investment Opportunities in agriculture sector

Potential areas for investment in Agriculture include:-


1. Vegetable production and export in Arumeru and Karatu districts

2. Bulb Onion production for export in Arumeru and Karatu districts

3. Floriculture (cut flowers and flower seeds production) in Arumeru, Monduli and Karatu districts,

4. Fruit production- bananas and avocados, and

5. Oil seeds production and processing (sunflower and starflower) in Arumeru, Monduli, Karatu and Longido.


Future prospects of agriculture will depend on further development of arable land. Out of the region’s total arable area of 487,795 hectares, 233,236 ha (48%) is under food and cash crops cultivation living 52% of the land for other land planning. To make a better use of unexploited arable land, recommended crops for investment are as follows:



Recommended Crops
Arusha Flowers, coffee and vegetables
Arumeru Maize, beans, coffee, flowers and barley
Monduli Wheat, barley, paddy, sunflower, maize, beans and coffee
Ngorongoro Barley, maize, beans, cassava and millets
Longido Maize, millet and flowers
Bonus William Hill
Bonus Ladbrokes
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