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This is one of Tanzania's 26 administrative regions. The regional capital and largest city is Arusha. Arusha region is located in the north-eastern corner of Tanzania. It lies below the equator between latitudes 2o and 6o.Longitudinally the region is situated between 35o and 38o east of Greenwich. The region has a common border with Kenya in the north, to the east it borders with Kilimanjaro and Tanga regions. To the south it shares a border with Dodoma region and to the west with Singida, Shinyanga and Mara regions. The region is a global tourist destination and is the centre of the great North Tanzanian Safari Circuit. According to the 2002 Tanzania National Census, the population of the Arusha Region was 1,292,973. Arusha the total area of Arusha region is 82,428.5, out of this a total area of 3,571 or 4.3 percent is covered by water bodies of Lakes Eyasi, Manyara, Babati and Natron, while the remaining 78,857.5 is land area

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