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Health Facilities

Arusha region has managed to improve health facilities through Health Sector Reform Programme whose main focus is:-


encouraging private sector investment;

giving authority to district councils to run their own district hospitals;

giving priority to preventive services; and

encouraging community participation in the financing of their own health care services including cost sharing, establishment of community health funds in various districts and expanding the catchments area of the National Health Insurance Fund.

The development of the health sector in the region is to a large extent influenced by the private sector, local government and community participation as indicated in Table 1. The 2007 data shows that, out of 11 hospitals, 34 health centres and 213 dispensaries in the region, 8 hospitals, 17 health centres and 109 dispensaries are privately owned. While, 3 hospitals, 17 health centres and 104 dispensaries are publicly owned, this is an indication of the regional awareness of the need for health services and community participation.

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