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Wildlife is a valuable resource in Tanzania as it is the country’s major tourist attraction and a major source of foreign exchange earnings. Arusha region is endowed with many and fairly large wildlife conservation areas that support a diversity of wildlife species. Categories of the wildlife management systems in Tanzania are as follows:-

i)  National Parks

These are protected areas where there are no human settlements. The activities permitted in the National Parks include viewing and photographic safaris and research and training activities. In Arusha region we have Arusha National Park (Momella), Shared Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area with major attraction of Ngorongoro Crater and Manyara National Park.

ii)Game Reserves

In these, human settlements are prohibited. However, game cropping, tourist hunting, photographic safaris and training activities are undertaken. The area under game reserves 13,663.7 square Kilometers of the region

iii) Game Controlled Areas

In these areas indigenous Tanzanians have legal access to wildlife use under supervision and control of the government. Wildlife represents a most valuable resource being the country’s major tourist attractor, hence a major source of foreign exchange earnings. Arusha region has many tourist attraction centres as shown in Table 3.28. These centres occupy an area totalling 40,738 sq km of surveyed land. In addition there are unsurveyed game controlled areas. Tourism triggers the development of other productive and service sectors. These include restaurants and hotels, the transport and communications sub sector, and industry in the form of handcrafts and other artefacts and community services by way of entertainment.

Game Controlled Areas

Production of honey and beeswax has for a long time been practiced by traditional beekeepers in some parts of Arusha region. These days modern practice have been introduced and modern beehives are being used. A total of 5,302 beehives have been used in 2006/2007. Out of these, 1,687 were modern and 3,615 were traditional.


Tourism is a very important industry in Tanzania, particularly in the northern circuit of which Arusha is the centre-point. The role of tourism in the economy includes job creation, foreign currency generation which is an important source of revenue for the government. Tanzania Government is intent on improving infrastructure in the Tourism sector as part of the drive to attract more tourists to the country. The plan includes, roads upgrading in the National Parks and Game Reserves and to increase the number of hotels in order to cope with a rise in the number of tourists expected to visit the region.


Investment Opportunities in Natural Resources

Due to the increasing demand of forest resources which leads to remarkable depletion of forest resources in the region, investment in this sector should be directed at reforestation activities such as tree planting.

Investment Opportunities in Tourism

The expected increase in the number of vistors which is not only due to the number of people wishing to visit the region’s natural wonders but also to the fat the city of Arusha has been designated the new headquarters for the East African Community, an integration of five countries. This makes the city a potential place for businesses and the best place to invest in East Africa. Investment opportunities can be seen in areas of accommodation facilities and recreation centres, financial services which ought to be distributed not only to the city centre but also to the region’s vicinity. Also there is room for investing in both local and international air services so as to carter the huge flow of visitors in the region.

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