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Arable land


Table 1 shows that out of the total regional land area of 34,526,000 hectares, arable land covers 487,795 hectares, or 1.4 percent of the total land area of the region. The remaining land area (34,038,205 hectares or 98.6percent) which is not suitable for agricultural production include national parks,game reserve areas and grazing land. Figure 3.1 shows that the 487,795 hectares of total arable land, is distributed as follows; Arumeru (32.7 percent), Karatu (21.0 percent), Monduli (16.8 percent), Longido (15.0 percent),Ngorongoro (13.1 percent) and Arusha (1.3 percent).

Table 1 also shows that Arusha district has the smallest land area of 93,000 hectares which constitutes 6.9 percent of its total land area. The proportion of arable in other districts is on the following; Arumeru (15.5 percent), Karatu (3.1 percent), Monduli (1.3 percent), Longido (0.9 percent) and Ngorongoro (0.5 percent)

Table 1 also reveals that out of 487,795 hectares of arable land that existed in Arusha during 2006/2007, only 233,236 hectares or 47.8 percent were under crop production. District –wise, Arusha district utilized 90.1 percent of its arable land for crop production in 2006/7 season, followed by Arumeru (65.6 percent), Ngorongoro (40.0 percent), Longido (39.9 percent), Karatu (38.0 percent) and Monduli (35.3 percent).

Percentage Share of Arable Land by District, Arusha Region, 2007



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