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Cash Crops


Out of 487,795 hectares of the identified arable land in the region, only 32,026 hectares are used to grow cash crops. However, types of soil, topography and weather have caused the region to grow mainly coffee, wheat and barley. There other cash crops which have been introduced recently, but land used for these crops is still insignificant. These crops include flowers, vegetables and vinegar.


Looking the contribution of districts to the acreages under cash crops cultivation, Arumeru district was the main contibutor with 19,511 hectares or 83 percent of the area under coffee. The second district was Karatu contributes with 3,132.5 hectares while Monduli contributed only 0.6 percent of the total acreage under coffee. Longido and Ngorongoro districts were not involved in coffee cultivation.

Maize is the leading food crop produced in Arusha region


Wheat and Barley


Wheat and barley were the second and third major cash crops grown in Arusha region, with 27 percent of the arable land in the region were utilized for wheat and barley cultivation. At district level, Karatu district is the leading producer , in having 75 percent of total 8,663.4 hectares under wheat and barley crops. Other districts which utilized their arable lands to grow wheat and barley in those seven years were Arumeru (10.8 percent), Monduli (8.2 percent) and Longido (6.0 percent) of their arable land were utilized.



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